Our Technology

As a professional stylist, you know that virtually all teasing combs are the same… until now. All teeze w/ eez back-combing combs come with our patented teeth technology system, offering stylists a quick comfortable tool.


  • One teeze w/ eez stroke accomplishes height that takes other brands multiple strokes to accomplish, due to our patented design of the multiple Anti Static Stainless steel pin teeth.
  • Back comb in one fourth of the time and have a smooth finish to comb back through minimizing damage to the hair.
  • The ergonomic designed handle provides a comfortable, natural grip to decrease hand & wrist fatigue.
  • The pick end allows one to lift and separate segments of hair for easy and fluid teasing.


US-PatentTrademarkOffice-Seal_smallWe have spent more than 5 years developing and designing our teeze w/ eez teasing tools, specifically to help professional stylists cut time during the teasing back-combing process while minimizing damage to clients hair.
We meticulously test every design for performance, ergonomics, quality and durability to provide results. We do it for you, the professional stylist, because it’s all about the hair and everyone should have fun in the pursuit of a great hair day, every day!